A huge Thank You goes out to Nyala Edwards of the Calhoun-Gordon County Public Library and New Echota Park Ranger Bobby for entertaining the NGAL crowd last Wednesday!!

The news of the day was the election of new officers. It has been a pleasure to serve NGAL, and I am positive the new officers are going to do a super job. They are:
Mary Moore – Chair, Kara Rumble – Vice-Chair, & Jessica Osborne – Secretary / Treasurer. Their contact info is posted on the About NGAL page. Congratulations to all!!

It was a such a pleasure to visit the New Echota State Park. Bobby gave us a guided tour of the grounds and answered all of our questions. The weather was perfect and it was another great NGAL experience.


What a good looking bunch!!

Ranger Bobby and V-C Kara interested in a very large door.

OMG. OMG. Call the Ghosthunters now!!!

Good luck eating corn with those plates and spoons.

I’ve never heard of a cauliflower nose but apparently …

I think I actually saw his mustache move on its own once or twice. Hmmmm.

This house was lived in until the 1950s. It is the only original structure at New Echota.

So I wonder what’s under his hat ?

There is a loom in the upstairs. I’m not sure why or how.