18 faithful NGALers had a great time at the new Sewell Mill Library & Cultural Center. Bruce Thompson, library manager, led the group on a fantastic tour of all the amenities and provided background information as to how this facility came into existence. There were plenty of oohs and ahhs to go around. 🙂

A big thank you goes out to Bruce and the Cobb County Library System for hosting NGAL and letting us tour this great new facility.

NGAL crew checking out the art gallery and some funky furniture.

Bruce explaining how the community utilizes the indoor theater.

Look. At. Those. Seats. Wow.

Bruce telling NGAL about the 3 rock concerts SM has hosted.

or the movies that can be projected onto the giant outdoor screen.

Pottery workshop. Just because.

and what is a pottery class without a way to fire the pot?

Pottery and performing is hard work so after creating and jamming out, stop by the cafe for a fresh beverage.

Yes, Virginia there is a library too.


Apparently, the UFO lighting apparently causes mass hysteria in the story time room.

so it’s nice to have soundproof booths when working on your audio files.

I should have worn green. Aargh.

and finally, a recording studio. ho-hum.